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A New Golf Film! HOLY ONE!

In six short months, the JCFilms South Florida Production Club has produced two incredible films with actor Dean Cain. GOD WILL LISTEN is a powerful film that challenges teens against bullying and FOURTH AND FORTY-FOUR is an amazing true sports story.

Now, Dominic Giannetti and the South Florida Production Club is preparing for yet another film production with actor Dean Cain. And this new movie all started when Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios was visiting Director/Producer Dominic Giannetti on the set of FOURTH AND FORTY-FOUR in West Palm Beach.

With all the golf courses in South Florida, Campbell mentioned that his production ministry had never produced a golf a film. Knowing that both Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo are avid golfers it would be nice to create one.

JCFilms South Florida Director, Dominic quickly replied, “you’re in luck, not only is South Florida one of the world's best golf destinations, but I’ve actually been working on a screenplay for a faith friendly golf comedy.”

And just like that, Dominic’s script, HOLY ONE got the greenlight and is officially going into pre-production, set to film summer, 2024!

HOLY ONE is about a group of young golfers that threaten to disrupt and change the game of golf. As you can imagine, the old timers unite against this anti-argyle revolution. In the end they find common ground on a comedic journey to spiritual enlightenment.

For more information about HOLY ONE, please CLICK HERE.

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