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As quickly as taking a breath and letting it out is how quickly a bad decision can change the trajectory of one’s life.

When young golfers threaten to disrupt and change the game of golf, old school golfers unite against the anti-argyle revolution, finding common ground on a comedic journey to spiritual enlightenment.   Production starts Summer 2024.


FOURTH AND FORTY-FOUR is based on the life of Marty Reichman, who had quit on everything in his life until he decided to start going back and making good on his broken promises.  One of many ambitions he abandoned was college football.  So, after he learned he was still eligible, Marty re-enrolled in college and joined the team as the oldest college football player in American history at age 44.


In a world of drama, illness, heartbreak and fear… GOD WILL LISTEN.

GOD WILL LISTEN is a powerful teen and family drama that illustrates life before and after a traumatic high school event through the lens of two sisters. By peeling back the layers of why and what led up it, GOD WILL LISTEN provides an in depth look into the ugly realities teens experience today. But is a sister’s bond strong enough to restore their family’s faith in each other and help heal a community?


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Award-Winning filmmaker and producer, Dominic Giannetti is teaming up with JCFILMS STUDIOS and actor Dean Cain, to launch the Palm Beach JCFilms Production Club.


The three of them recently met on set of a movie Dominic’s daughter was cast. They decided South Florida needed a JCFilms Production Club and Dominic was the perfect person to lead it.


JCFILMS STUDIOS operates about a dozen of these satellite Production Clubs around the world. Each club not only produces faith and family entertainment, but they collaborate with other creative people of faith in their communities.

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