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Actor Kevin Sorbo to visit Bridgeport, WV to appear in Faith-Film.

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I CAN'T BREATHE: A Modern-Day Story of Job, is based on the true story of Thomas Laresca. Laresca lived an average life in a quiet American town: a good job as a stock trader, a wife, a family, a beautiful home. Then in 1998, his life changed. While living in Boca Raton, Florida, Laresca was wrongly arrested and abused by the police.

This experience was the beginning of many adversities Laresca suffered. He lost his job, family and even was diagnosed with terminal cancer. But through it all, Laresca looked upward and onward.

“His story is remarkable on how someone comebacks from so much tragedy. This is super hero stuff,” said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms.

The purpose of the film is to challenge those living in despair to seek God's purpose in it. Satan would have you believe it is a stumbling block. God wants you to know it is a stepping stone.

Production of I CAN'T BREATHE: A Modern-Day Story of Job,is set to be produced in early February 2022 by the Bridgeport, WV – JCFilms Production Club. The film will feature actor Kevin Sorbo. Those interested in getting involved should visit:

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03 gen 2022

I tried the link. Im interested. Thank you!

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