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Adult Film Camp

Each year JCFilms Studios conducts a kid/teen FILM CAMP.  It’s hugely successful and they normally sell out.  But what about the grown-ups?

"This is something so many adults from all over have been asking about," says Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.


Therefore, JCFilms Studios is creating a FILM CAMP for adults.  Whether it be from acting, writing, working on set, directing to producing, this camp was created to help grownups get out of the pews and onto a movie set. 


In addition to learning film acting, directing and production techniques to prepare them for a career in the faith film industry, each participate will leave with a custom-made demo reel, written and created just for them.


Campbell explains, “Faith films are still new and so we feel that now is the time to encourage and train creative people of faith to get involved.”


The camp is designed to help participants in a wide range of filmmaking concepts.  From writing a script, being trained as a production crew member, fine tuning our acting chops to learning how to produce their own film.


The dates are August 1 – 5, 2024 and will hosted in Bridgeport, WV.  All the training, hotel accommodations, demo reel programs and some of the meals and transportation will be provided in the cost. 


Campbell said, “By the end of the camp, you will not only have made friends with so many other likeminded filmmakers but have the talent to help you advance your long-term film goals.”


For more information and to view the camp’s itinerary, CLICK HERE.

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