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America Vs. 'The Christian Baker' made into a film.

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

A TASTE OF PRAISE is new faith film being produced by JCFilms Studios that is inspired by a true story of a Christian baker in Colorado who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding in 2017. As you may recall, the case went all the way to the US Supreme Court where the justices ruled in his favor in protecting his faith convictions.

But what you may not remember is that the high court ruled in his favor because the state had demonstrated an unconstitutional hostility towards his Christian beliefs. That’s what JCFilms Studios is hoping to depict in this new controversial film.

A TASTE OF PRAISE is a collaboration effort between JCFilms Studios and television and film producers Greg Hodson and Ruben Torres. Their friendship was made during the production of A MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER in San Diego, CA.

The film tells the story of a baker who declined to bake a custom wedding cake for a gay couple and how his faith decision led to a discrimination lawsuit that threatened his livelihood and shook his family to the core. The film follows his tremendous journey and concludes with his victory at the US Supreme Court. The filmmakers hope this inspirational story will convict the faithful and stir the lost.

Jason Campbell said, “This is just a story of an average guy with an average job. But what happened to him could easily happen to any of us; this film is just a wakeup call for us all to be prepared in defending our faith.”

A TASTE OF PRAISE stars actor Kevin Sorbo and is set to start production in September 2022. To learn more please CLICK HERE.

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