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Faith, Family, & Football

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Faith, family, and football. It’s a mantra which symbolizes the priority list for many families. God comes first. Family comes second. Then, whatever sport is in season comes last. It’s a great saying and now JCFilms Studios has found two incredible true stories that echoes this theme.

As part of their West Virginia film initiative, JCFilms Studios is about to start production on their first ever action-packed football film with actor Dean Cain in Pleasants County, West Virginia.

Last year, JCFilms Studios reached out to all 53 counties in West Virginia encouraging them to help in producing more positive West Virginia films.

“Unfortunately, the majority of feature films produced in West Virginia are negative. Our goal through this new WV film initiative is help rewrite the narrative and eliminate unwarranted stereo­types about this state,” said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.

This new film simply entitled, Faith, Family, and Football remembers the story of Bill Hanlin, who in 1963, coached the St. Marys Football Team to an undefeated and unscored season. The film also tells a modern day story of Coach Jodi Mote, who has coached the St. Mary’s Blue Devil’s high school football team for over two decades. The film shares their life stories and boasts three important things: faith, family, and football. Beyond a sports story, Faith, Family, and Football is a playbook for a successful life, whether you are a coach, athlete, parent, or young adult.

“The fact that both these stories are true, makes the film great; but the best part of the film is the involvement of such a wonderful community," said Campbell.

Production on Faith, Family, and Football is set to begin in October 2023 in Pleasants County, West Virginia. JCFilms Studios will be hosting hosting OPEN AUDITIONS on September 23, 2023 at St. Marys High School.

The film will feature actor Dean Cain and former Chicago Bears Quarterback, Jim McMahon. Those interested in being involved should visit

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