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Going Country, Again!

Updated: Apr 23

In 2015, JCFilms Studios produced their first western feature film called NAIL 32. The movie was a tremendous success for the Christian film ministry as it told the early story of the American Cowboy Church movement.

Now, JCFilms Studios is preparing to ‘go country’ once again! COUNTRY RAIN is a new feature film that follows the life of a popular country musician who places more value on his music than anything else. The film is set to star actor Dean Cain and will be produced in Northwest Georgia in partnership with the JCFilms Studio’s North Georgia Production Club,

Back in the day, western films showed a simpler way of life, they showed cowboy culture; a culture this generation needs to be reminded of,” said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.

Campbell is referencing Hollywood’s use of inappropriate embellishments over authentic cowboy culture in today’s western movies.

“We want to help in reinventing western films, telling true stories about values, family, faith and the cowboy code,” Campbell said.

Those interested in being a part of COUNTRY RAIN, CLICK HERE.

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