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JCFilms Studios Creates Christian Casting Network

Since 2011, JCFilms Studios has been all about providing opportunities for people of faith to get involved in Christian filmmaking. From our 50 plus films we have already produced to our two dozen Studios and Production Clubs across America, everything we do is all about collaborating with creative believers to use our unique experiences to change the culture for Christ!

That’s it! That’s our mission!

You see we believe that if God has given you a passion to be in or make films that glorify HIS NAME, then we (the body of Christ) are duty-bound to encourage and foster an atmosphere to help.

“We in faith films are increasingly categorizing our industry to ‘the haves’ and ‘the have nots.’ This labeling is creating needless discouragement. As the Christian films are increasing in popularity, now is the time to be inclusive and encouraging to God’s army of Christian filmmakers,” says Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms

There is nothing more beautiful than being on set watching people of faith coming together to tell stories about an awesome God and His amazing love for each of us. And that’s what JCFilms is going to continue to do!

This platform not only will list the current audition information for the 20 films JCFilms Studio will be producing this year but other faith films holding auditions. In addition, the page will allow anyone to post their headshots and acting reels. Kind of cool, huh?

The JCFilms Studios Christian Casting Network is not only a great way to show case your talent to the Christian film making community but to allow us all to be positive and encouraging to one another.

The JCFilms Studios Christian Casting Network is only an encouraging environment. Post Upcoming Auditions! Post Your Headshot! Post Your Favorite Scripture! Post Anything Positive!

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