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Premieres, Premieres and More Premieres!

Last year, JCFilms Studios produced a staggering 18 faith and family films! As you can imagine, 2023 is going to be busy celebrating the release of all these amazing new film projects. Here’s what’s on the calendar so far.

Drop The Beat

Date: Friday, January 20th

Time: 6PM

Place: The Strand Theatre, 28 East Winter Street. Delaware, OH

Cost: $10

Hosted By: Jason Campbell

Films Description: For many years, Leap of Faith Dance Company been giving individuals of all ages the opportunity to explore the arts through music, theatre, and dance. When up-and-coming rapper ‘ACE J' returns home to help with the celebrations, he gets way more than he bargained for when this short visit changes his complete outlook on life.​

Not For Sale

Date: Thursday, January 26, 2023

Time: 7PM

Place: City Of Destiny Church, 505 Mc Cormick Rd, Apopka, FL 32703

Cost: Free

Hosted By: Dean Cain & The Lifeboat Project

Film Description: An inspiring new narrative feature film depicting how the hospitality industry in Florida is winning the battling against sex-trafficking. From the Uber drivers to the hotel clerks, true stories on how the service industry is working with law enforcement to end this pervasive evil.

Success Camp

Date: Friday, January 27, 2022

Time: 6PM

Place: Parkwood Baptist Church, 7900 Lone Star Road, Jacksonville, Florida

Cost: $11

Hosted By: Dean Cain & Glenn Ellison

Film Description: Let’s face it: childhood and parenting have radically changed in the past few decades, to the point where far more children today struggle to manage their behavior. SUCCESS CAMP is a multi-plot film that follows the lives of several young teens and their radical transformation after attending SUCCESS CAMP.

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