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JCFilm's Studio Christmas Ornament.

This year, JCFilms Studios produced 18 faith-based feature films and opened a dozen studios and production clubs.


In 2023, we have a goal of producing 20 new faith films and opening up an additional six Christian studios and production clubs across the United States!


Partnering with actors Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo and Eddie McClintock our goal is simple: Produce Christian films to change the culture for Christ.


Let’s face it, more and more of our mainstream entertainment is eroding family values. Now is the time for you and your family to get involved in creating more pro-family content.


For a special gift of only $25, we will ship you a commemorative beautiful JCFilm's Studio Christmas Ornament.


Join us in celebrating Christian filmmaking this Christmas Season.




JCFilm's Studio Christmas Ornament.

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