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The Bridge - DVD

Dean Cain, Tim Ross and Michael Sigler star in this new faith-based thriller about an unnerving compulsion that attracts people from all over to commit suicide off West Virginia’s most iconic bridge. 


THE BRIDGE attempts to answer some of the questions why young people commit suicide.  It also examines the demonic presence involved with suicide.  The film is an emotional and religious experience that deals with human loss and grief.  From a group of teens obsessed with witchcraft to adults with psychological meltdowns, the film covers a multitude of aspects concerning suicide.


“The film’s purpose is to explore the root cause of our suicide epidemic by presenting to the audience well etched characters and spellbinding performances. It’s an uncomfortable subject, but we want to ensure that it’s not something that you can easily look away from.”   ~ Producer, Jason Campbell


65 Minutes

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The Bridge - DVD

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