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A LIFE OF PURPOSE will feature many of the same faces from MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER including actors Dean Cain, Eddie McClintock & Randa Blackley.


Jake Palmer (Eddie McClintock) is a family man struggling with prescription pill addiction due to a severe back injury. With the help of his Pastor (Dean Cain) he finds the strength to fight his addiction. Kidnapping, homelessness betrayal, and greed all play a role in this fast-paced faith adventure.

During the production of MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER we witnessed so much talent and passion for faith & family films!  So, we’re launching a JCFilms Production Club in San Diego with a goal to create FOUR more faith films in San Diego this year with actors Dean Cain and Eddie McClintock!   If you are serious about GETTING INVOLVED, please consider joining this club! 


Natali Nichols is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area where she studied theater and film. Driven by her passion for the arts, she moved to Los Angeles and has been working in the entertainment industry for the past 10 years. She has worked on a number of commercials, independent films, and television shows such as Black-ish and Grown-ish. She has a strong belief in faith and family, and would love to bring more of that to both the small and big screen.

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