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Another Dean Cain Christmas Film Coming to the Area.

Light Up Night in Bridgeport, WV is a celebrated tradition that attracts thousands from its community. It’s truly a magical event! And now, this fairy-tale experience is the setting of a new Dean Cain Christmas movie.

Light Up Night is about all the community Christmas events wrapped around a modern-day Biblical story of Ruth,” Producer Jason Campbell explained.

After her husband dies, Ruth travels with her mother-in-law, Naomi, back to the family farm in Bridgeport, West Virginia. While Ruth tries to save the farm and battle against a new Recreation Center being built nearby, her unique ‘charm’ catches the eye of Bridgeport Mayor, Boaz Perez or just ‘Bo.’

As most Hallmark Christmas film classics go; love prevails and the joy of Christmas heals all wounds.

Production starts in July 2020. However, most of the filming will take place just after Thanksgiving 2020. To get involved, please visit:

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