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In God’s Time.

Over the past ten years, JCFilms Studios has produced over 50 faith and family films. This October, we’re producing a wonderful film called ‘In God’s Time’ and may be one of the ministries largest movie productions to date.

The film written and stars actor Dean Cain and tells the true story of Bob and Barbara Fraley, who adopted six children following the tragic car accident of a family friend. Rather than split up the family unit, the Fraley’s petitioned the courts to keep all six siblings together and join with their existing family of three.

As you can imagine, nine kids living in a small three-bedroom home in rural Ohio, creates many adventures and challenges. But God, through His perfect timing, brought a blessing to this family that has impacted millions worldwide.

“This film is about Bob and Barbara’s obedience to follow the Lord’s guidance. By doing so, God has blessed this family tremendously,” says Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.

The film is set to produced in Bridgeport, WV in October 2022 and has already secured other well-known faith actors including Kevin Sorbo, Julie McCullough, Daniel Roebuck and Eddie McClintock. One of the production goals is to stack the film with more Christian actors and celebrities.

For those wanting to learn more, please visit

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