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JCFilms Production Clubs Goes International.

Updated: May 17, 2022

Australian based filmmaker, Taysha McFarland came to America last week to represent her new faith film ZAREPHATH at several film festivals. During her week stay in the US, she got more than she expected.

First, Taysha’s film ZAREPHATH was nominated for Best Feature Film at the International Christian Film Festival and then she was honored with an Angel Award for having travelled the longest distance to attend the festival.

Next, she had the opportunity to make cameo appearance in JCFilms’ Orlando Production Club faith movie, NOT FOR SALE that stars actor Dean Cain.

Then, she agreed to open the first international JCFilms Production Club in her home country of Australia. A JCFilms Production Club are basically hubs for Christian movie making. To date, JCFilms Studios operate 22 clubs in the United States.

“We’ve been discussing the idea of expanding our clubs overseas, but after meeting Taysha and her passion for film and her faith, it was a perfect match,” said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.

Taysha is an award-winning writer, director, producer and the founder of Toprock Productions based in Melbourne, Australia.

Campbell hopes to partner with Taysha on two faith and family films to be produced through her studio this year. Both agree that partnering together they can create more opportunities in producing faith content in Australia.

Taysha explained, “Our Christian filmmaking community is very spread out right now, so having something that can unite us over here would be fantastic. And when we’re all working for God, who knows what can happen!”

In addition to all this excitement, her new film ZAREPHATH won BEST FEATURE FILM at the Faith and Family Florida Film Festival.

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