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JCfilms Studios Expand to the ‘Great White North’ – Canada Eh!

Last week, when the JCFilms team traveled to Greenville, SC to assist the Greenville Production Club on their first film, DO NOT GROW WEARY, we met some amazing people.

One such family was Jodi and Jamie Clark. Wanting to get involved, they drove over 30 hours from Ontario, Canada to be in the Greenville production. Dean Cain and Jason Campbell both met with them briefly.

Now, these Canadian filmmakers are partnering with JCFilms Studios to create the first Canadian JCFilms Production Club. The Clarks currently produce their own faith content on their popular Salt & Crown YouTube channel.

JCFilms Production Clubs are community groups where creative believers use their experiences and skills to change the culture for Christ. Currently, JCFilms operates over a dozen faith-based production clubs.

“We are thrilled to be starting a new chapter with JCFilms in making faith based, family friendly feature films in Canada,” the Clarks said.

If you are interested in joining an existing JCFilms Studio Production Club or learning how you can start one in your community, please visit

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