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Are you looking for a creative vacation this summer with a mission?  If so, please let me introduce you to ENCORE PRODUCTIONS.


An ON-SET-EXPERIENCE with ENCORE PRODUCTIONS allows you and your family the opportunity to experience the making of a faith film.  And in most cases, you will get an opportunity to be in the film with a speaking role.  The goal of these ON-SET-EXPERIENCE is to provide opportunity for people to be more involved in faith-based films while helping Christian filmmakers fund more wholesome content. 


“This is such a creative and fun opportunity for families to experience faith and family films. We look forward to meeting so many new people,”  said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.   


During your ON-SET-EXPERIENCE you will learn filmmaking and even brush up on your acting skills while meeting several Hollywood stars. These are a once in a lifetime offering.  So, please take advantage of this opportunity today.


To learn more: CLICK HERE.

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