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JCFilms Studios to Host Christian Film Camp for Teens!

If you’re ages 12 – 16 and have an interest in faith and family films, then this Summer Camp is for you! Th camp was created for young people to experience all aspects of Christin filmmaking while being in an actual film. This wonderful summertime experience allows every camper to be cast in the movie: FILM CAMP!

FILM CAMP is new feature film being produced by JCFilms Studios about a group of teens that attend a film camp to explore their creative film ambitions. This delightfully candy-colored movie takes the theme of following a bunch of underestimated kids discovering their passion in wanting to make meaningful Christian movies.

This faith fueled comedy is led by a supporting cast including actors Dean Cain, Jason Campbell, Eddie McClintock and many other faith film stars.

"Blending an exciting hands-on approach to filmmaking, while actually making a film!"

In addition to each camper having a role in the film, they will spend their time off set working directly with professionals to help advance their film goals. From acting classes, production workshops and developing eye catching headshots and resumes.

So, whether you’re an aspiring actor, creative writer, or an ambitious filmmaker this camp is for you!

To learn more about this opportunity please visit:

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