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THE TRUTH: Untold Stories of January 6th.

Awake Not Woke is a new series of faith movies being produced by JCFilms Studios created to end the “wokeness" that’s creeping its way into churches across America.

Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms explains, “In a world that is "woke," just how many Christians are actually awake? We hope these films will alert people of faith to what is really happening and how post-modernists are hijacking American free speech and personal liberties.”

With two films in pre-production, Campbell is announcing the third in the series. THE TRUTH: Untold Stories of January 6th’ is a new multi-plot feature film that explores not just the reality of that day, but the lingering and deceptive consequences that many people have suffered.

JCFilms Studios will be partnering with Martin Mawyer and PRB Films on this project. The goal of the film is to give Americans the opportunity to watch and hear the stories from the people who were there on January 6th and then depict the unbelievable ordeals they’ve faced since that day.

This narrative feature film is not a debate or a political narrative. It’s just the truth and is set to be produced in December 2022. Those interested in sharing their story or participating in the film should contact Jason Campbell at

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