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Missed Opportunities

By: Jason Campbell, President, JCFilms Studios

Ever heard it said that a person needs to hear the Gospel a certain number of times before they give their lives to Christ?

According to a recent study, it will take between thirty and fifty times before someone decides to make that commitment. This statistic has been on my mind for a while now. So, I decided to make a film about it.

The ultimate mission of JCFilms Studios is to point people to Jesus. However, of the 80 ‘Christian’ films I’ve produced, I’m not sure we’ve explained salvation.

I’m not talking about redemption or forgiveness, most if not all our films strictly adhere to the popular ‘Faith Movie Template.’ I’m talking about sharing the Gospel cinematically in a sole effort to reach people for Christ.

Now, I am not being critical of our work. I’m proud of all our films and the effect they are having in peoples lives. I hear positive comments from viewers of our films almost every day. I’m talking about a witnessing film that we as believers can use to reach the lost.

In 2024, JCFilms Studios will be partnering with Christian comedian Josh Novey, actors Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo and Eddie McClintock with that mission in mind. The film will be called Missed Opportunities and will show how God uses all different types of people to advance His Kingdom and how His offer of salvation has a time limit.

While the world wants to hide the Gospel, we want to shine a light on it. We need investors, not just in money but people willing to invest in a grass roots movement to share the Gospel in a way that has never been done before through a film.

We're going to use humor, drama, truth, and most importantly YOU to increase the kingdom of God. Folks, we know in life, there are windows of opportunity. Once those windows close, they become Missed Opportunities. The salvation clock is ticking!

In the final moments of Jesus’ public ministry, Jesus is speaking to a large crowd. He pleads for the people to believe He is the Son of God. He pleads for people to take a leap of faith. He pleads for us to take Christ into our conversations and tell people that God loves them.

I love making Christian films and I love this amazing film ministry, however in 2024 my goal is to make sure each of our films become soul winning tools to advance God’s Kingdom.

Who’s in?

Feel free to call or text me to discuss. Jason Campbell (304) 906-5957. Or, CLICK HERE

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