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'On The Road Again!'

It’s no secret, JCFilms Studios started their ministry by touring their films in churches around America. In total, Jason Campbell, Erik Estrada, and Dean Haskins visited over 500 churches during the humble beginnings of JCFilms Studios.

Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms explained, “it was on the road and visiting churches that we found so many great stories that we turned into movies.”

Campbell is referring to how JCFilms Studios found content for the creation of their impressive 70 faith and family films they have produced in ten short years.

Now, JCFilms Studios is preparing to resume its road tour, but this this time with Christian comedian and actor, Josh Novey. Josh is a US Army veteran that started doing comedy at night after returning from deployment. Quickly finding a voice, Josh has become one of the most sought-after comedians.

Josh has appeared on Comedy Central, Netflix, Dry Bar Comedy, Amazon Prime, Sirius XM and more! And now Josh wants to come to your church!

These movie/comedy events in churches are designed to bring 'unchurched' people to church! Josh’s comedy is clean, so your mom will enjoy his charm. And your dad will think he's tough because he's a combat veteran.

In addition to the comedy, Josh will be showing clips from several new movies being produced by JCFilms Studios and presenting an insider’s look into Christian entertainment and filmmaking.

Campbell says the goal of this new church tour is to engage people of faith to get more involved in Christian entertainment.

To learn more or to schedule you church, please CLICK HERE!

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