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Thank you, Bridgeport, West Virginia!

Over the past few years, the wonderful City of Bridgeport, WV has hosted dozens of faith and family films.  This past weekend, Bridgeport was not just the primary location for several feature films but the host city for JCFilms Studios annual Film Camp.


JCFilms Studios Film Camp is where teens from all over America come to experience all aspects of Christin filmmaking while being in an actual film.  This year, the camp ran for two weeks with over 80 young people attended. 


In addition, JCFilms Studios started production on a new apocalyptic thriller series called THE LAST WAR!  This new eight-part episodic television series features actors Dean Cain, Tim Ross, Julie McCullough, Kevin Sorbo and Richard Grieco.


In addition to the main cast, an additional 100 more people came into the City of Bridgeport to participate in the productions. 


Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios said, “I just want to say a special thank you to my hometown of Bridgeport, WV for not only being a film friendly town; but showing all our guests our amazing hospitality.”


JCFilms Studios is headquartered in Bridgeport, WV and operated twenty-four satellite Production Clubs all over the world.  For more information about JCFims Studios, CLICK HERE.

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