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Aimee & Albert: A Love Story

Updated: May 15

Whether I’m watching a romantic comedy or hearing a real-life story about true love; I’ll admit it…. I can sometimes get caught up in it all.  Doesn’t happen often, but it did occur when I read the amazing love story detailed in several books written by Aimee Anderson, entitled 'Broken, Yet Triumphant' and 'Our Awesome Journey.'


This love was the real deal and had they met some 2,000 years ago; I’m sure their story would have made the pages of the Bible. You see, the love stories in the Bible are not all butterflies and happily ever after.  It’s full of a lot of broken hearts.   


The Bible shows God’s beautiful design for the partnership of marriage. We watch as families navigate the many seasons of life, and it guides us to the most foundational love ever known: God’s unconditional love us. 


And that is the theme for a new series being produced by JCFilms Studios for JC+.  AIMEE & ALBERT is a new romantic film series that is based on a true story where the audience watches a more modern-day contemporary romance.  Then, the clock rolls back to reveal a more old-fashioned love story.


Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios explains, “The series is a generational love story that draws lessons from a Biblical perspective.  From the good, the bad, and the ugly and reminds us that God’s love is often very different from ours, turning upside down our assumptions about life, relationships, and each other.”


AIMEE & ALBERT is really two romances in one: It follows Lauren Anderson in the present day, as well as her grandmother mother, Aimee Anderson, in the past.  After Lauren finds her grandmother’s journal, she's sent on a journey to discover her grandmother's past while finding herself on a powerful, unexpected road as well.


AIMEE & ALBERT will be a three-part film series that will feature actor Dean Cain and production starting in Bridgeport, WV in July 2024. To learn more: CLICK HERE.

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