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Are Horror Films Christian?

When I was 12, I was obsessed with Frank Perreti’s books.  He had a way of telling Christian horror stories that sucked you in and took you to an alternate reality. And the kicker was in most of his books he ended them with a twist: the monster vanquished; normalcy restored. And then a final scene where we find out the monster isn't dead!  I loved it!


Since then, JCFilms Studios has been on the fence regarding creating horror themed films, however, I recently I read a quote that got me thinking, “All movies, including horror movies tell stories.”  And that is what we're all about, telling stories. 


Now before judge, I’m not talking about slasher or gore flix.  I’m talking about faith fueled, devil stompin’ jump scare thriller films with creative plots and cinematic esteem that actually scare people.


That’s why JCFilms Studios is partnering with horror expert and writer Michael Droberg in creating a episodic horror series called THE LAST WAR.


Picture this!  Nuclear war, a global pandemic, and natural disasters have decimated mankind leaving only 1/3 of the population left. Now two armies are being gathered for the final battle and everyone must choose a side.


“Could it be that horror films could help us spot monsters and maybe help us even recognize our own tendency in creating monsters out of others,” said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.

THE LAST WAR is part thriller and horror as it depicts the unholy trinity comprising of Satan, the False Prophet, and the Antichrist roaming the earth. The series is slated to start production this Summer in Bridgeport, WV.  For more information:  CLICK HERE.




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Apr 24

This is exciting. I've been a huge Frank Peretti fan as well when I read This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. The Last War definitely sounds like it is very similar. I pray it will turn people to God.

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