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North Canton, OH Prepares for a Summer Film Project.

Every so often we run across a story that unequivocally changes the way we view Jesus.  This is that story.


Brian Ziegler’s had a broken neck and was paralyzed from the neck down, however, God had other plans.  His story is not your average Christian memoir… It is raw, real, and authentic and he holds nothing back.


Now, his story A PARALYZING REDEMPTION (based on his book) is going to be produced into a feature film starring actor Dean Cain and Eddie McClintock by the North Canton JCFilms Production Club. 


The North Canton JCFilms Production Club is wasting no time in returning to production.  The Club just wrapped on their film ‘TAKEDOWN: The Eddie McClintock Story’ and now has another mission in mind.


Stacey Stratton the North Canton Production Club Director explains, “Brian’s story is all the evidence you need to prove that God changes lives in extraordinary ways, and we’re excited to be a part in telling that story.”


Production of A PARALYZING REDEMPTION is slated to start in July 2024 with open auditions being held at the RiverTree Jackson Church in June 2024.


For more information CLICK HERE.

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