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JC+ to Stream Faith SHORT FILMS!

For every faith-based film there are at least a dozen or so short films produced. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. As more people of faith are getting engaged in Christian entertainment, short films are a wonderful way to share their personal stories.

Until recently, I always assumed short films were just a tool to pitch story ideas to secure funding or to help filmmakers rehearse before producing larger projects. I was so wrong.

This art of faith-based filmmaking is growing in popularity among teens and college age people. They are looking to experience a visually stimulating short story that provides a springboard for discussion.

These films have no fluff or extra scenes, they are simple visual stories that are told in a matter of minutes. Isn’t that what Christ did? He told simple stories under trees, and He changed the World.

That’s why JCFilms Studios’ new streaming platform JC+ is highlighting short films when it launches later this summer. From comedies to dramas, our goal is to introduce JC+ to the public with over 150 feature faith films and over 200 short films.

Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios explains, “Short videos remains a dominant influence on today's young people. From YouTube to Tik-Toc, short movies are the language this generation uses to communicate.”

Christian short films inspire questions, and those questions genuinely open doors to significant spiritual conversations. As we share a bit of our story, we ultimately share His story.

JC+ is the only completely FREE faith and family channel where you can stream the best Christian movies, cooking and creative shows, kids’ favorites, music specials, comedies and more! All our programing is free from uncomfortable surprises and backed by our guaranteed wholesome entertainment pledge.

JC+ is set to launch June 2022. For more information about streaming your FEATURE or SHORT film on JC+, please contact Shelia Hogle at:

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