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JCFilms partners in creating a new acting and production studio in Canton, OH.

Since 2013, JCFILMS has produced over 30 faith and family friendly movies. Their goal is simple; create family friendly films while offering opportunity for people of faith to get involved in Christian movie making.

Today, JCFilms announced it will be partnering with Heather Habura and The Crown Studios in starting a faith and family hub for Christian movie making. Habura’s studio specializes in private modeling instruction, pageant preparation, public speaking, and acting.

“It’s a perfect fit,” explains Habura, “and Akron, Ohio is ideal for creating these type of pro-family films.”

Both Campbell and Habura hope this partnership will not only attract more film makers but offer people in the community a unique opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the faith-based film industry.

JCFilms will be in production as early as June 2021 with their new film, CHOSEN, starring actor Dean Cain and Canton, OH native, actor Eddie McClintock.

“We’re excited about producing at least four other faith films in Akron over the next few years. So, now is the time for people of faith to get involved in faith-based film making,” Campbell said.

To learn more please visit:

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