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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Following the success of other clubs around the country, JCFilms Studios is launching a new Faith-based Film Production Club in the Tampa area. We are hoping to partner with a local church or faith-based organization to bring this exciting experience to the Sunshine State.

Since 2013, JCFILMS has produced over 40 faith and family friendly movies. Their goal is simple; create family friendly films while offering opportunity for people of faith to get involved in faith-based movie making.

Over the past several years, JCFilms has officially opened four faith themed acting and film studios: Tempe, Arizona; Orlando, Florida; Mansfield, Ohio and Bridgeport, West Virginia, now, they are focusing on Tampa, Florida.

“Each of these studios are designed to be a hub for family friendly movie making. From script writing to acting; the goal of these studios is to create compelling, entertaining, and wholesome content,” Bobby Lacer, JCFilms National Production Club Director.

The new Tampa JCFilms Studios, scheduled to open in January 2022 already has two faith-based feature film starring Dean Cain in the works.

“There’s so much talent in Tampa and we’re excited about producing films in this. area. So, now is the time for people of faith to write that script, take that acting class or start that film production,” Lacer said.

The Tampa Studio and Production Club will be directed locally by Jessica Adams. “I’m excited and looking forward to working with JCFilms in opening the Tampa Production Club and to help make meaningful films in the area. My hope is to share what we do and bring lots of people along with us.”

So, what is the Production Club? The goal of this film production club is simple: Produce faith and family films. To collaborate with other creative believers in using our unique experiences and skills to enact positive social change through film in our communities and across the country.

Let’s face it, more and more of our mainstream entertainment is eroding family values. It’s time we get involved in creating more pro-family content!

To learn more about the Tampa Studio, Click Here.

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