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JCfilms Studios Pledges to Stop Using Real Guns in their Films.

Christian filmmaker Jason Campbell and President of JCFilms Studios will no longer use real guns on any of its productions and will use rubber guns instead.

Campbell, who has produced over forty faith and family feature films and operates thirteen production clubs and studios across the country explains, “this year will make twenty films, some of those scenes in those films require cast members to carry firearms, from here on out, no real weapons will be allowed on set.”

JCFilms Studios has always maintained very careful safety protocols on-set, as most productions do. But after the unfolding of what happened on Alec Baldwin’s film “Rust,” Campbell is pledging to stop using real firearms on all his film projects that are produced by his company.

JCFilms Studios has already produced over a dozen police and western themed films with the use of firearms and the majority of these films featuring actors like Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo and Erik Estrada. Campbell believes he can still uniquely and courageously depict those realities in their films by using rubber guns, and work with their post-production teams to “fix it in post.”

“We’re not going to worry about the costs, it’s not worth it,” Campbell said.

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