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JCFilms Studios Spotlight: Jessica Adams

Every so often, we just want to recognize some of the tremendous talent the Lord has placed in our paths here at JCFilms Studios.  One such person is Jessica Adams.


Last year, JCFilms Studios named Jessica Adams as its new Executive Director.  Since then, Jessica has worked tirelessly in growing the ministries outreach to hundreds if not thousands of creative people of faith.  Her deep desire to encourage young people to get more involved in filmmaking is one of many of her greatest accomplishments.


Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios explains, “Growth has always been a part of our prayers and Jessica gets it. Love God! Make films to change the culture! Help others make films to change the culture!"


Jessica has created and mentored multiple new Production Clubs, produced and directed several movies and has developed several new film ideas of her own.


In addition, Jessica now does the primary travelling for JCFilms Studios visiting production sites and speaking at conferences on behalf of the ministry.


She is fresh new face in the faith and family film arena and has done a terrific job in organizing our tremendous growth. 


Thank you, Jessica! 

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