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JCFilms Studios Spotlight: Michael Sigler

“Who’s that guy,” I remember asking the Casting Director on a film we were producing back in 2017?  She replied. “His name is Michael.  He just drove in from Maryland.  He’s great isn’t he?”


Indeed, he was and still is! Since then, Michael has appeared in over thirty JCFilms Studios films and in most cases taking the leading roles opposite actor Dean Cain. Now, that can be a hard task for any actor, but this guy pulls it off with professionalism and ease.


Every so often, we just want to recognize some of the tremendous talent the Lord has placed in our paths here at JCFilms Studios.  One such person is Michael Sigler.


Whether it be a devoted missionary serving the poor in South America or a retired cranky old elf from the North Pole, Michael has the ability to absorb and personalize the characteristics of the person he plays on screen. 


“Off the top of my head, I can't think of any actor that can pull off so many characters perfectly.  You can put him in any time, place, or universe, and he’ll make you believe he belongs there,” said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios. 


Of the thirty films Michael has appeared in for JCFilms Studios, Michael also serves as an acting teacher and mentor to the many young actors on set.  For everything you do Michael Sigler, you are appreciated and loved here at JCFilms Studios. Thank you!

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