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'UNTIL THE LAST PROMISE' Slated for Summer Production.

Updated: May 16

In America, it’s more common to lose a loved one to a lingering terminal illness than to a sudden death. With both there is loss. However, the lengthy goodby not only is changing the life-limiting expectations but it is altering the grieving process as well. UNTIL THE LAST PROMISE is a new faith inspired film based on Pamala Kennedy’s 2019 bestselling book of the same name. Being produced by JCFilms Studios and starring actor Dean Cain, the film tells of Kennedy’s courageous story in providing care to her husband, Dr. Richard Kennedy, a pastor at the height of his successful career was diagnosed with frontal-temporal dementia. The film depicts the family’s journey towards Richard’s death and asks the ever-popular question, ‘Where is God in all this?” As we watch the decline, we are constantly reminded through Richard’s writings that ‘in the end, it comes down to three things: faith, family, and friends.’ UNTIL THE LAST PROMISE is dual love story that follows both Richard and Pamala. In Richard’s journey we find glory and in Pamala’s we find hope. Created to inspire other family caregivers of terminally ill loved ones, the goal of this film is to remind us all, that ‘There is a way. You can endure. You will prevail.’

"I pray that our family’s journey of suffering will help others as we share our experiences in this new movie,” said Pamala Kennedy.

Production of UNTIL THE LAST PROMISE is set to be produced during the Summer off 2023.

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